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Azure Tessell for Oracle

The only DBaaS Plaform for Oracle on Azure
Migrate, modernize, and manage your Oracle databases with ease
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Azure Tessell for Oracle

The only DBaaS Plaform for Oracle on Azure
Migrate, modernize, and manage your Oracle databases with ease

Azure Tessell for Oracle
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Reduce costs, improve performance, enhance security and flexibility by migrating Oracle databases to Azure
On-premises? Self-managed on Cloud? Cloud-native DBaaS? Our Oracle experts will help you migrate to Tessell


Bring your own license (BYOL), or
Tessell can work with a third-party reseller to procure Oracle licenses for you.
Optimize your Oracle license usage while staying compliant.
Azure Tessell Oracle Licensing

Right-Size Oracle Licenses

Tessell will perform a detailed analysis of the Oracle AWR reports identifying actual compute usage and designing the optimal Azure VM as per Oracle licensing guidelines.

Enforcement for Oracle License Quotas

Set thresholds for Oracle license usage and Tessell will not allow spawning of additional Oracle instances once the license limits are reached.

Compliance Reports for Oracle License Usage

Integrated reporting to show the entire Oracle Estate along with details of VMs, purpose, and licenses consumed per region, compute type, workload type, or department.


Enterprise-grade Support for Oracle
Tessell will take the first call for support, diagnose the issue and expedite speedy resolution.

Choose either Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition Two based on your environment.
Tessell supports all versions and patchsets that are supported by Oracle.

Automated Upgrades

Tessell will help you upgrade your databases to the latest version so that you don't have to worry about end of support from Oracle

Three-way Support

In the event of a problem, Tessell works with the customers to explain the issue to Oracle Support and expedite a resolution

Guaranteed SLA

With mission-critical support, you get 99.99%  uptime SLA for your database services, and a 15-minute  response time SLA for Severity-1 tickets.

Deployment Architecture

Azure Tessell Deployment Architecture

Data Plane @ Customer

The data plane resides in the customer’s Azure tenant. All the databases, snapshots, backups, transaction logs, monitoring metrics, and database logs are stored here.

Bring Your Own Network

Customers can choose to run databases on private networks. There’s no inbound connection from the control plane to the data plane. Only outbound calls to Tessell REST APIs over HTTPS are made from the data plane.

Secure Control Plane

The control plane is hosted on Tessell’s Azure tenant. Only the Tessell GUI and REST APIs are publicly accessible over HTTPS. Everything else runs on a private network. Tessell only keeps the metadata about the managed services here.

Single Sign-On

Securely authenticate your users via SSO (Azure AD). All clients, including the GUI, use REST APIs with revocable tokens.

Security Architecture

Azure Tessell Security Architecture

Minimum Privileges

Tessell’s access to the data plane adheres to the least privilege model. Tessell restricts its operations to a specific resource group within a specific subscription and is unable to access (read, write, update, or delete) any resources that are not our own.

Operate Within Parameters

Within the workspace that you create for Tessell, you can confine Tessell to using the networks (BYON) and keys (BYOK) of your choice. Tessell can’t create, update or delete any network or key.

Use Cases

Fully managed Oracle DBaaS on Azure
IO hungry Oracle workloads on Azure
High Availability and Data Protection for Oracle on Azure
PaaS with Oracle DAM & OEM agent support
Compliance & Governance for Oracle workloads
Mission-critical Oracle migration to Azure


Accelerate Provisioning

Database self-service and seamless Terraform-compatible DevOps automation

Production Grade IOPS

Leverage NVMe-based Azure High Performance Compute (Lsv3) for production

Efficiently Take Cost Out

Cost-optimize VM shapes across development, test, UAT, and production


The Tessell Availability Machine protects your data by taking regular snapshots and transaction log backups. The Availability Machine utilizes Azure Snapshots and Azure Blob Storage for this purpose. Customers benefit from Azure Blob Storage’s sixteen nines of durability combined with geo-replication. Additionally, you can optimize storage costs with tiered storage for your long-term data retention and compliance.

Yes, Tessell leverages the Azure infrastructure, which is certified by Oracle. Tessell simply installs and configures Oracle databases on Azure VMs and manages them behind the scenes. Additionally Tessell supports licensed Oracle functionality including: container databases, native RMAN backups, Flashback, Automatic Storage Manager, Clone Refresh, Oracle Label Security, Transparent Data Encryption, Data Guard and Enterprise Manager.

Yes, Tessell is an Azure preferred solution in the Azure Marketplace  and Azure has certified Tessell DBaaS for Oracle. Tessell on Azure is also IP co-sell ready and is Microsoft Azure Consumption Credits (MACC)-eligible.

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