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Support Plans Description

August 27, 2022


Tessell operates 24/7/365 monitoring on the Database Services and Tessell's personnel will be automatically alerted on any service anomalies. Tessell's personnel will commence work on any issues in system operations requiring manual intervention without delay.

Tessell provides Standard support without separate charge for regular subscriptions (which includes all service plans) through Tessell GUI, chat and email regarding problems related to using and accessing the Tessell Database Services. Responses are provided on a best-effort basis during the same or next business day.

This Support Plans Description applies only to customers utilizing online terms and conditions.

Support Plans

Tessell also offers two additional support plans on top of the free Standard plan described above: Premium, and Mission-Critical. Different plans consist of a mix of phone support, twelve (12) hour support and technical account management depending on the level of commitment. The support plans and their features have been described in the table below.

Support Plan Descriptions

Ticketing SystemYesYesYes
One-click Reporting via GUIYesYesYes
Chat SupportYesYesYes
Phone SupportNoYes (Critical cases)Yes (Critical cases)
Multi-cloud SupportYesYesYes
Receive updates, bug fixes, and patches for the Tessell Service without any impact on your database serviceYesYesYes
Response times by case severity
Severity 1 (Critical)12 hours2 hours15 minutes
Severity 2 (High)18 hours6 hours2 hours
Severity 3 (Medium)24 hours12 hours12 hours
Severity 4 (Low)48 hours24 hours24 hours
Support Service Hours9 am - 6 pm local time on business days9 am - 6 pm local time on business daysFor Severity 1 & 2 - 24/7/365. For Severity 3 & 4 - 9 am - 6 pm local time on business days

*Response time represents the time that Tessell support personnel will start working on the support request submitted by the customer. There is no guaranteed time period to solve the support request as the complexity and root causes of any issues can vary.

Business Days

Business days are defined as Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays as declared by the federal or central government. The Standard and Premium support service is available on business days between 9 am - 6 pm local time.

Case Severity Descriptions

SeverityDescriptionSupport Channel
Severity 1 (Critical)An instance when the customer's production system is down or impaired to the extent that its directly impacting the businessDedicated support phone number, email or Tessell web console
Severity 2 (High)An instance when the customer's business is up and running but the production system is impaired or in a degraded state. The customer sees a possibility of further impact if the issue is not addressedEmail or Tessell web console
Severity 3 (Medium)An instance when the primary system is functioning but a secondary function is impacted. There is no expected impact on BAU (business as usual) for the customerEmail or Tessell web console
Severity 4 (Low)An instance where the customer is looking for additional technical information, or a feature request, or general guidanceEmail or Tessell web console

Support Pricing per month

Free10% of the spend or $1,00018% of the spend or $2,500
Whichever is higherWhichever is higher